Most Fascinating Topic- SMO vs SMM

Social media has come up with a new gateway for good marketing opportunities and getting viral, day by day. In fact, nowadays platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have become more than just entertainment for people. They have grown as an integral part of content distribution, lead generation, and brand awareness with customer acquisition strategies for businesses.

In the pulsating industry of digital marketing, SMO and SMM are the most interesting and widely picked up topics these days. Since digital marketing is expected to grow in the future and still overpowering the industry, these two terms seem so identical to each other but in actual sense, they hold an opposite meaning and purpose to each other.

Among the various methods, SMO and SMM are the two most effective techniques for marketing strategies. Before jumping into the digital world, let’s just clear the basic knowledge regarding these fascinating terms i.e. SMO and SMM.


·        What is exactly SMO mean?

SMO stands for social media optimization. It refers to the process of optimizing the website through exposing the content, and graphics on various social media platforms. This is an on-going process with an intention to compel the audience as an effort to share the post through various social media sites. It has the power to increase traffic on the site. The trending social media platforms for the SMO are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.


·        Techniques of SMO:

1.     Creative Content to share: In order to optimize your social media platform, you have to play in the long run. In a long-run view, you have to make a strategy of sharing regularly in a pattern spreading valuable and knowledgeable content with an overview of entertaining audiences. And don’t forget to optimize the fresh content for search.

2.     Optimization of Social Pages: Optimizing of social pages means to increase the traffic and visibility of your page. You just need to utilize SMO to its maximum extent to optimize your social media profile with proper information of your business, business URL, address, logo, etc. since each social media has its own searching process.

3.     Initiating Social Interaction: It has been said correctly, the more actively you participate in social media, the more you will make your presence in the minds of your audience. It’s always positive to mark your social footprints by social interaction and creating stories. Through your stories, users get to react to your stories which will help you to grow socially.

4.     Optimum place for share button: People love to share those content in which they feel relatable or can connect with their known ones. But it has been observed that users find it difficult in sharing the content or unable to share it. So, it is best advisable to add the share button at the best place so that users didn’t find a problem in spreading the favorable content.


·        Overview of SMM

Social media marketing is an extreme process and starts when SMO comes to an end. You might call it a myth that SMO is a part of SMM. Under SMM, a wide range of activities are concentrated such as social media campaigns, updating posts, social media customer services, and branding processes. Once you are done with optimizing page and content, now its turn to expose the product, brand, its services, etc. This is an off-page activity i.e. participating in groups to have direct interaction with a targeted audience.


·        SMM Working Performa:

While SMM is performed under basic steps to initiate with the efficiency of a marketing strategy.

1.     Social Media Strategy: The first step to work in SMM is to set a goal, metric assumption, the best time to post, selected social media to extract maximum traffic and analyze the targeted audience with whom the content needs to be shared.

2.     Competition Analysis: Under SMM, competition assessment plays a vital role in its successful conduct. We need to analyze the competitor and their policies accurately in order to plan for themselves.

3.     Style Guide: Every business whether small- or large-scale concentrates on their style guide. It sounds tricky but it isn’t. You need to analyze the target audience, their age, preference, and their online behavior in order to design their personal and unique layout.

4.     Content Calendar: SMM strongly holds a pillar on content only.  So, we need to pre-define the whole days and relevant events for the clients.

5.     Engaging with Audience: We need to engage with the audience through organic posts, social media ads, and social media campaigning. This will pass the real reaction of the customers to the company which would end up analyzing the market.

6.     Monitoring Metric: With the successful planning and execution, we need full proof monitoring also. Tools like Google Analytics, Facebook Insight, etc. help us to analyze our goals and real figures.

Now, we can draw clearly a distinction between SMO and SMM i.e. SMO is the on-page modification of the website while SMM is known for off-page modification of the website. In short, SMO comes with a platform for organic audiences while SMM helps to conduct the paid activity and reach maximum masses.


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