How to Use Google AdWords to Increase Leads, Sales & Traffic

When it comes to generating leads, we have several ways to accomplish it. But one of the most successful and convenient ways to increase leads and sales is by using Google AdWords. AdWords is a very affordable platform which helps in generating good quality leads, which can in return be converted to sales and traffic. In this post, we’ll be discussing how AdWords can be used to collect leads. So, let’s get started.
1.Building a Google-friendly Landing Page- Google has strict requirements when it comes to building a landing page. In 205 alone, Google had disable 780 million ads, due to policy violations. These advertisements weren’t banned because they had low quality landing pages. But they were banned because google wanted those advertisers to meet their standards when it comes to advertising on their platform. There are two key issues you need to pay attention to while designing your landing page:
A. The ‘Landing Page Experience’
B. Google’s site policies.
Both of these factors need to be considered in order to get your ad approved.

2.Advertising your Landing Page- When we start advertising on Google, there is another advantage with it. Google allows you to advertise your landing page on its vast network of YouTube, Google Display Network and Google Search Network. All these platforms can be leveraged to increase your brand visibility, generate leads and drive more sales & traffic. However, you won’t know which platform works best for you. So, in order to collect maximum leads, you should advertise on all platforms and then evaluate which platform works best for you.

3.Optimize your Ad- Your AdWords campaign has been set up and it’s about to get launched. But in order to get accurate leads, optimization is very important. You can optimize your advertisement based on various parameters like age, sex, region, interests etc. After feeding all this important data, your ad will reach to only those potential customers who you want to drive sales from.

4.Attractive Content- Putting up attractive and exciting content can really leave an impact. When a potential customer lands on your landing page, what they see and read on it will be an important factor behind driving sales. Make sure the words you use on your landing page are crisp and to the point. This way you can drive sales in a very short time and this can potentially lead to resale.
Following these tips and tricks can give you great results. If you want your Google AdWords campaign to have a much bigger impact, you can reach out to us at Stay tuned for more interesting blogs!!!

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