How does Social Media Marketing work with Content Marketing?


We are living in a digital age, where social media doesn’t sound new to anyone. Social media started just as a mere platform for entertainment for the masses. But now, it has grown immensely into our life as a medium to spread the wings of education, awareness, marketing and a wide network of connections among the society.

Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing are two different terms but they are inseparable in the work profile. Usually, a marketer has an understanding that these two terms hold the same meaning with respect to marketing. However, these two terms have a broader meaning and play very different roles in marketing.

Let’s look towards the following reasons to have a clear conceptual view of both digital terms before enumerating an overview of strategies for social media marketing and content marketing.

·        What is exactly Social Media Marketing all about?

SMM means any form of direct or indirect marketing performed on social media platforms to promote a business by sharing and interacting on the social web. There are very various tactics used in social media marketing like comments on a blog, forum posts, updates on Facebook and Twitter, images, campaigning, etc. In simple terms, SMM is the simplest form of marketing that is with a single click of share we get to spread and promote our business with the targeted audience and generate leads. It plays a crucial role in a valuable aspect for small businesses for creating brand awareness in the market. 


·        What do we mean by term Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is the marketing for education and entertainment of the audience. In general terms, to give more clarity to the concept, it means online and offline created creative content that is shared for the purpose of directly or indirectly promoting a business. These days the most popular way of content marketing is through blogging. There are various content marketing strategies such as articles, e-books, press releases, publishing online images, and videos, etc. used to establish and build a brand image through spreading share-worthy content for the audience. It is not important to share content related to your business but it should be directly helpful for the audience to read from.


·        SMM vs Content Marketing

Usually, it holds two different meanings and perspectives for the terms but in reality, these marketing tools have an overlapping effect which makes each other incomplete without each other. Content marketing is a wide term for everything we do to educate, inform and entertain audiences. However, Social media marketing is a method to distribute your content so, it reaches to appropriate masses. In generic terms, it’s to publish creative content and let the world know about it through the tools of social media.


·        Strategies for creating content marketing along with Social Media Marketing:

Let’s have a look at how social media can be helpful for content marketing in a way to achieve your goal and business growth:

1.     Create a content spot for your business because your center focus should be on your website and blog for content marketing to attract social media audience to the blog. It is the best way of inbound marketing. Since people are fond of reading creative and usual stuff over Facebook and Twitter.

2.     Analyze which social media platform works best for you. Since, there are various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Google+ have a vast scope of audience concentrating over them. For instance, if your product or service revolves around students then, marketing and sharing over Linkedin is not a good idea. Creating unique content and sharing on the appropriate medium to extract the majority audience, you need to understand both content marketing and social media marketing for that. For this, you need to check various questions such as:

                                                        I.            What’s your goal?

                                                     II.            What’s your desired action?

                                                   III.            What would be the frequency of your post update?

3.      Create a distribution plan: Once you have analyzed your goals and targeted audience, you are well aware of useful platform and channel to perform, then you need to draft a content calendar for both content hub for content creation and social media for content marketing.

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