Distinguish between SEO and ORM?

In the era of Digi-world, it is quite boring to adopt only traditional methods of marketing for your company. There are various strategies and methods to be infused into a formal management system to lead your business over new heights digitally. Online marketing helps to attract more audiences and promote brand building while offline marketing helps in the limited scope of audiences.

Traditional marketing and digital marketing both play a different and crucial role in the growth of the company. But management needs to plan and execute out, in what proportion the amount of resources and strategies needs to be invested in the business to yield the optimized growth of the company. Digital marketing is a wide term of marketing which includes various mediums such as SEO, SMO, SEM, PPC, SMM, blog posting, etc.

Creating a powerful perception of the web is absolutely essential nowadays. However, today we are here to find a difference between two major tools i.e. SEO and ORM. Before jumping over the difference between the two, let’s just understand the in-depth meaning of the SEO and ORM.

·        What exactly is SEO?

In the 90s, the SEO (search engine optimization) was only meant to target an increase in the website ranking over the search engine. However, in today's era, SEO has grown its significance and key area more than just been playing an essential role in the online reputation of the brand. It helps you to manage and optimize your brand image through the usage of various techniques and strategies such as forums, websites, social networking sites, news sites, etc. In other words, it helps in utilizing and optimizing positive ranking content about the brand rather than the negative one.


·        A complete overview of ORM meaning:

ORM stands for Online Reputation Management. As the name suggests, it means to manage your online reputation. ORM is a broader term than SEO wherein, SEO plays a key role in ORM campaigning. ORM is not just limited to SEO but it also includes social networking, blog posting, review sites, etc. It manages your entire online activeness with the intention of moving the content that you choose in the order you want to place.


·        ORM or SEO…. what to choose?


Whether to choose ORM or SEO for your company depends on a certain question?

1.     Check your company where it exists on the page?

2.     Does the appearance of the website on the search engine appear on the top?

3.     Does any negative review appear regarding your company?

4.     Deep analyses of negative views and comments for the company?


After observing the scenarios for the company, if every question comes up with the “yes” in answer or if a company holds any negative comment then the company needs to plan its company’s ORM  for improving its overall image over the digital platform.

For this company recruits an expert for SEO, social media, google analytics for a complete look over the company’s online presence. At last, if anyone searches for the company on Google and they review any negativity for the company, it doesn’t give any nice impression. It is better to get to a professional ORM team such as “Prismovine”.


·        Tactics for SEO to land up success for any business.

You might be wondering how SEO helps to manage your reputation? Here come some tactics which will lead your business to grow.

1.     Creative Content:

SEO’s result is quite dependable over the quality and quantity of content. The creative content yields higher profits in optimized time to the social marketer. Many digital marketing companies reviewing these strategies have to build up their creative in-house content team.


2.     Personal Brand Creation:

People love to work in a professional and authentic environment rather than an artificial working environment. Even in B2B, companies trust to enshrine their brands rather than their face value.


3.     Timely respond to review:

The customer loves to be connected to the company where the company responds and gives importance to every view of the customer. Every negative and positive response counts for the company and the customer.


4.     Conduct PR:

Online PR conduct can be a cost-effective way to expand their brand name. It gets you with high-quality backlinks for SEO. It opens you new blogging opportunities.


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